Deeds and Danger 3: The Fourth Dawn

A New Horizon!

And Floating Islands of Sky Pirate Inspiration!

Captains Log15 Planting, 236 AE – The Forest Somewhere, Nohawin

Though the salty sea air be afar, the earthy scent of the forest dew is a pleasant enough replacement. I have awoken once again to a familiar predicament – being far afoot from where I awoke yesterday.

I must observe that being on the run is almost more exciting than I imagined. I’m almost glad the heist of the royal jewel was a botch back in Alphon, for there’s no way the Empress could forget me now. Ahhhh, I can still picture her lush red locks, scintillating eyes, and… ample bosom as she imprisoned my crew and compounded my ship. I barely escaped with my life!

That sly minx, she tried to hide it, but under her rageful facade I could see the twinkle in her eye – she’s toying with my emotions. It’s all a big flirt to her! But if she wants to play it the hard way she’ll learn I’m more than up for the challenge. Even if I had stolen the jewel it would be nothing compared to what she hath stolen: my heart!

And so I have arrived on Nohawin to recover my losses and gather riches and allies in the hopes to one day return and regain her love (and my ship). In fact I’ve already found some warriors that will make for a capable crew! They’re a ragtag lot but they show promise. They’ve got chutzpah, pizzazz, in a word IT. They’ve got IT, and IT is what they’ve got!

There’s Xarthus – one hell of a tough dwarf. Hard to understand sometimes but certainly can take a hit. Hell, I’ve seen him get punched in the face without so much as realizing it – with his own fist no less!

Gaius the machine man – he’s one to watch out for. Who knows how his mind works! And always a trick up his sleeve. So smart he’s dangerous, but danger is one of my middle names.

Duryn, the sneaky bastard. Would’ve fit right in with the boys on the Kraken. Heard he’ll slit you’re throat for a nickle, but that would be bad business of course. Murder’s worth at least 100 gold a head these days.

And of course Grant Greystone, my business partner. The rare combination of street smarts and trade savvy in one man. And its always smart to have someone around who can put in a good word or two with the gods…

So now to our current predicament. The good lords of Anchor’s Purchase, the quaint little harbor I be laying low within, did send out a call to all able bodies in town to join in a hunt or whats its – some Imperial tradition they’ve a mind to start up again. But more importantly they were promising treasure to the men who could return to them a key.

This was no simple task however, as we soon learned, through the many contacts of my well-connected allies, that we’d have to journey through a damned portal to a bloody floating crystal prison island to get. Yes sir or madam, this was shapin’ up to be a grand adventure right from the start. The old sky pirate within me was truly inspired.

The Island was no walk in the park mind you. After a death-defying battle with crystal-infected half-men, we wrestled the key out from within a magic orb. But at that, the whole island began to crumble! Swinging from magic chains, hopping from cracked earth to falling boulders, riding on giant worms, etc… We made our escape as we plummeted earthward. Somehow we survived the epic crash landing (one of the epic-est crash landings I’ve experienced to date in fact) to find ourselves stranded in an inland forest.

And so I smell the morning dew, with visions of a ruby-haired maiden in my mind, ready for another day of adventure!



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