Deeds and Danger 3: The Fourth Dawn

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Grant's IC Log

What proceeds is the affirmed written travel log by Grant Greystone, Brother Crusader and Servant Son of Heironeous, Righteous be his Valor,

After challenging that cowardly cannibal that Xarthas identified as a halfling, out group was picked up, washed away, and battered by the tidal wave trap sprung by the pint sized monster. The wave dumped us in to the city, finding it abandoned. Curious.

The only trace of civilized folk are their household pets, now becoming feral and layabouts in the streets. Jarx and I inspected the homes throughout the city, finding an odd sight. It appeared the entire population had seemingly stood up from their freshly cooked meals and vanished. No signs of struggle, no hastily made egress.

The captain thought it wise to investigate the upstairs on his own, when out of the corner of my I noticed two more halflings in the road. Drawing my blade and offering a quick battle hymn to the Archpaladin, I entered the streets again with Gaius, Duryn, and Xarthas at my back.

The two creatures were entered in to my creature codex (See section: Demihuman, Subcategory: Halflings of Note and Legend): "Isaac & Isaiah – Halfling twins rounded top hats of modern fashion and a large blue and white striped scarf that entwines both. According to Duryn, there is a common folk legend has it that the duo stole from the Prince of Shadows and were cursed with immortality until they traded off every piece of treasure they stole from him.

The suspicious duo had on their possession a caged human head, it’s neck ending in a golden collar. Upon further inspection, under the hair was covering a small set of feathered wings on each side of the cranium. The halflings seemed unconcerned with my magic rune of defense. On the other hand, they traded the gilded head to the drow for his gloves made from the leather of my former pack mule. He claimed they were magical eel skinned glove of note. While the dark elf was sorely in need of a pommel smash to his angular nose, I trusted these charlatans in the scarf less, so I let the transaction go uninterrupted.

Entering the Xarthas see an image of the town square with people packed within it. The people are summoned or teleported away by a green-blue light, leaving their clothes behind. After the vision, the severed head in the cage awakens.

After Isaac and Isiah departed, I took possession of the head. No doubt the Ibis would be after such a relic. To my surprise, the head awakens and identifies itself as Sham. He states he has been in the cage since “The Fall”. Sham admits he had been sleeping for the majority of the past 300 years and that his body was eaten away by the cannibal halflings located in the city. Those barbaric creatures have no respect for even the dead…

Xarthas asks him about “The Enchanters”, which Sham has a passing knowledge about. He claims his name was “Iversham” and that he could have possibly been a shipwright. He becomes offended by the fact that he was bartered off for donkey-leather gloves. I cannot argue with that reasoning. Eventually Gaius and Sham are enter a trade, if Gaius can build him a body, Sham will build our band a ship.

Once again the transactions my strange companions make leave me baffled, but clearly they know what they are doing. It is this diversity that reassures my faith in myself for making the decision to leave the Ibis. The narrow mindedness of the Ibis will eventually be their downfall, and no amount of relics of old can stem the tide of ideas and innovations that can be gained by the joining of creatures of different backgrounds. Perhaps we shall still leave out the halflings though…vile demihumans they are.

Sham explains that there is a castle to explore in the center of the city, but that our group will need to get their hands on one of the keys necessary to enter it. After hours of looking around, we realize that the city “resets” itself every few hours. All items in the city reset. Jarx seems upset at this tidbit more so than the rest of us, I do not understand why. Even further, we begin to be made aware of the fact that we have not needed to eat, drink, or sleep since we entered the city.

Eventually our search proves to be unfruitful, and we make our way back to the Sea Bitch and to town. I explain to the group that Sham should be kept secret from the two Patricians, as I am unsure of how far the sinister grasp of the Ibis reaches. If they get their hands on the knowledge we possess of the city, or even worse, Sham himself, there is no telling how their great their power will grow.

We make our way to the tavern and sit down with Patricians Kelrium and Quantios to discuss our findings. Sham, and even Xarthas to a point, keep their silence with the important details. I am pleasantly surprised the dwarf keeps his silence. I must thank him for his discretion at a later date. Jarx extracts from the duo the fact that they called this “Hunt” on their own with no actual authority. They offer to us the fact that there is another key that could possibly get us further in the city that they could allow us to “borrow”.

While I normally abhor theft…the key is in the possession of the Ibis. I hate the “lesser of two evils” game, but any action that prevents them from getting their hands on Sham or the city itself must be taken. We agree on terms. Gaius reminds them via his recording technology (I must bring study this further, fascinating) that the Patricians owe us the finder’s fee they reminded us about before we left. Furthermore Jarx gets the two clerks to pay for our bar tab, teaches them right to not respect the chain of command.

A hidden city, a curious sentient head, and a blow to the Ibis. Not a bad past few weeks.



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