Captain Lionel Jarxbo

Legendary Pirate Captain, currently laying low.


Race: Human
Class: Commander

Level: 1
HP: 27
Init: +1 (Roll Twice)

The Legend

One Unique Thing:
I am the latest incarnation of the legendary pirate Captain Jarxbo.

Icon Relationships:
Prince of Shadows: Positive 1
We’re tight.

Scarlett Empress: Conflicted 1
“Sure I tried to steal from her and she captured my ship and my crew, she’s a fiery lass that’s for sure.” A quintessential love/hate relationship, Jarx considers the assassins she sends after him as flirtations, and she’d surely be in grief if any of them actually succeeded. It’s very complicated.

Titania, Queen of the Fey: Negative 1
This one’s more cut and dry. Legends have it that long ago Jarx stole an elven princess’ heart. Despite the Queen’s expressed disapproval, Jarx was able to steal the princess away from the elven world, and may have played an unwitting part in affecting the Fey Spires. Although the fate of the Elven princess is unknown, anyone calling themselves Captain Jarx inherits the Elf Queen’s wrath for this ancient slight.

Pirate Captain: 3
Casanova: 3
Smuggler: 2

The Prowess

STR: 18
CON: 14
DEX: 12
INT: 10
WIS: 8
CHA: 16

AC: 17
PD: 13
MD: 13

Melee: †5 / 1d6†4 – Miss: Level Damage
Ranged: †2 / 1d6†1 – Miss: None

The Exploits

Class Features
Fight from the Front – Gain 1d3 command points when you hit with a melee attack.
Weight the Odds – Forgo attacking to gain an automatic 1d4 command points.

Armor Skills – Wear Heavy armor without penalty.

Forceful Command – Spend additional command points to give allies a cumulative +2 to d20 rolls that are caused by a command.
Adventurer Feat: Start each battle with 1 additional command point.

Into the Fray – Gain a bonus at the start of combat. Before you and your allies roll initiative, roll a d4. A number of your allies equal to the roll gain the following benefit of your choice: a +4 bonus to initiative that battle; OR a +2 bonus to AC until the end of the first round.
Adventurer Feat: This bonus also applies to you.


Rally Now!
Interrupt – 1 Command Point
Target: One nearby ally (on the ally’s turn)
Special: If you spend an additional command point on this
command, you can target an unconscious ally with it.
Effect: The target can rally as a free action this turn. (If it’s their second or a subsequent rally, they still need to succeed on the save.)

Try Again!
Interrupt – 2 Command Points
Target: One nearby ally that made an attack roll (on that ally’s turn) Effect: The target can reroll the attack but must use the new result.


Tactical Strike
Quick Action – Per Battle (Recharge 11+)
Target: One nearby ally
Effect: The target can make a basic attack as a free action.

Just Stay Calm
Quick Action – Per Battle (Recharge 16+)
Effect: When escalation die is 2+, Decrease the escalation die by 1. Then 1d3 of your nearby
allies can heal using a recovery.


Pirate Captain Lionel Jarxbo – Who once sailed and smuggled across the seas with the legendary Bullywug Assassin, Kalboo Tatteredsail and his Dragonborn Druid accomplice Therion Khal. He plundered the coast of the Empire for centuries before venturing across the seas to make a new name for himself and eventually graduating to airships!

It’s told Captain Jarx has stolen the loot of empires and the hearts of princesses (and maybe a few princes) as both a daring swashbuckler and darling casanova. However it’s unclear how a seemingly mortal human could be the source of legends for centuries, and there are rumors the moniker of Captain Jarxbo may have passed down among multiple people, or that perhaps he is truly not a human at all!

Unfortunately the good captain is now down on his luck – with his prized ship, The Kraken’s Bastard, seized and his crew captured – he seeks new allies fights to regain his glory and his loot!

Captain Lionel Jarxbo

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