Gaius Rah


My background:

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My background:

Gaius Rah was once a Dwarf, skilled in the subjects of science, gadgets, and technology. He was even invited to be a member of the illustrious Engineer Guild in the Hall of Seven Pillars, located in the Thunderspire mountains. Alas, his life would take a drastic turn while traveling to the dwarven stonghold in order to accept this honor.

An evil hedge wizard would capture Gaius and enslave him for decades. After a lifetime of toil and servitude, and suffering from old age, Gaius was tasked to build an intricate gear forged body for the promise of freedom. He put all of his remaining strength and willpower into the project, fabricating the very best steel framework, brass articulating joints, ironclad plates, silver memory gears, everwound springs, exquisite actuators, pneumatic motors, and tauric engines. All of these parts were assembled around the most important piece of all, the soul gem, which is used to power the machine. Or so Gaius was led to believe.

Thinking to keep his servitude forever, the evil hedge wizard deceived Gaius, and used him as the living subject in a very unorthodox soul-forging ritual. The ritual sought to not only imprison Gaius’s soul into the gem, but also incorporate a magical fusion of jackal hides and alchemy over the forged body. This was to to create a synthetic, lifelike skin.

However, something went terribly wrong as the ritual was approaching its end.The wizard’s ability to maintain control over the magics at play was compromised and a severe magical backlash ensued. The soul forge had been interrupted, resulting in a full memory dump of Gaius’s life onto the mind gears, but only a partial imprint of the soul into the gem. The unfilled portion of the gem would retain the magical aura used for the migration while the remaining portion of Gaius’s soul rebounded harshly against the wizard. The evil hedge wizard would experience a complete drain of magical prowess, and flee in terror.

A short time later, a gearforged machine adorned in portions of pale, well made, synthetic skin would arise. Gaius Rah knew his name was Gaius Rah, as well as many other specific details about the events of his life. However, the streams of emotions associated with his memories did not match his own, in fact they seemed very much like a past life, cataloged and stored away for reference. To Gauis’s dismay, his past memories failed to dote upon the presence of magical power he felt within arms reach all around him. He would have learn to harness and use it. He would become a wizard, and to do that he must visit the city of Alphon. Exactly 23 days, 3 hours, and 15 minutes away at a brisk walk.

My one unique thing:

Due to the unexpected nature and outcome of the compromised soul forging ritual, Gaius Rah is perhaps the only free-willed gear-forged being in existence who is capable of wielding magic.

Rumor’s of Gaius’s existence and unique ability have started to spread during his journey’s, even as far as the Alantine Academy in Alumine, home of the Archmage…

Gaius Rah

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