Grant Greystone

Entrepreneur and Crusader of Heironeous




Grant Greystone is a human that stands about 6’2" and is his late thirties. He has blonde hair and matching beard that has more than its fair share of grey in it. While his armor is polished, it has clearly seen its share of combat. He wields a longsword, the favored weapon of his deity, Heironeous. His shield is filled with many dents and cuts, but he makes sure Heironeous’s symbol of a fist grasping a lightning bolt is always freshly painted.

He is an amiable man and known for his level headedness. While his appearance proudly displays his station as a Knight of Heironeous, he rarely preaches his beliefs, stating such things are “a young man’s game”. The only time he tends to delve in to zealotry is by any mention or public display of Hextor, the vile and tyrannical brother of his God.

Grant’s one unique thing is that he was a former member of a fraternity known as “The Gilded Ibis”. It is a secret cabal of artifact hoarding men that wish to “preserve relics for the safety of mankind”. The group is an offshoot of the Scarlet Empress and her technocracy. While Grant joined for what he thought were the right reasons, he quickly discovered “mankind” meant “humankind”.

Grant knew in his heart that Heironeous’s protective jurisdiction didn’t end at humanity’s doorstep, and as he was wont to do, took action. He “liberated” some of the artifacts the brotherhood had procured, and sold them on the open market for all races to buy. Needless to say, the Gilded Ibis did not take this well and ousted him accordingly. Being a secret sect, they could not publicly denounce Greystone, but he knows that agents of the Ibis plot his downfall in the shadows.

Selling the artifacts luckily opened some doors for Grant, and he made connections in the marketplaces throughout the land. Not wanting to settle down just yet (and knowing the Ibis would be on his trail), Grant struck out on the road and has become a knight errant.

Grant has spent his recent months establishing his one-man caravan named “Greystone Procurements”. He braves haunted and defiled areas for the good of then local populace, asking only for a share of the items found within (either to be sold, or to be destroyed if profane in nature).

It is on this one man quest that he has come upon the rest of the group. Grant has quickly embraced the motley crew as “employees”, but it is clear he is just putting on a front and seems genuinely happy to once again being part of a company. When word went out about the Grand Hunt, Grant knew this was his chance to get Greystone Procurements on the map and set the course for adventure!

OOC: Grant’s MD is 14 as per a Rune of Defense he applied to his longsword.

Grant Greystone

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