“Hard to say, m’lord. I was serving Grennek when you asked me, but its looking dark for their main team this year, so I’m a Lyrdal man now.” – Uglunk, gnoll fence

NACHT is a harsh and brutal kingdom situated within a series of mountains, built into the sides of the stone and earth. Its architecture is made up of strong angles and buildings are typically dense basalt with heavy ornamentation. It is a martial state where seven houses vie for favor and position within a harsh political clime. Its citizenry is monstrous, twisted, barbaric, cultured, malevolent, but most of all, powerful. Each year, Nacht hosts a great tournament, where the houses sponsor teams to compete in their name. The winner takes a great deal of spoils as well as the lofty social position of Second, as all are under the rule of The First, god king of Nacht. The houses’ territory remains largely fixed, each having a small fiefdom within a massive stone labyrinth that forces movement within the city to be slowed and channeled. Paths lead to squares and districts where different communities have cropped up, but above all looms a massive inverted pyramid where The First rules.

House Grennek is made up largely of Duergar, and their vaults are said to stretch for endless leagues under the great expanse of the city. Grennek Blackhorn leads his company of dark dwarves with a ruthless efficiency.
House Lyrdal is made up of medusae and their droves of blind servants who act in a variety of roles. These also tend to their flock of gorgons, who often roam the maze near the Lyrdal encampment.
Gnolls, ogres, and owlbears make up this house, and what they lack in organization, they make up in sheer number and intensity.
Mighty lycanthropes dominate this house, and Victor Boravian is the current Second, having won the tournament two years in a row.
Lead by Slizzuk the Hag, House Uugl is made up of lizardfolk, bullywugs, troglydtes, and trolls.
Lead by Arandum the Cunning, this house is made up of individuals who are all augmented or touched by psionic forces.
House Tzenelk is devilish and fallen, made up of all sorts of insidious creatures touched by the lower planes.

The First, a nearly divine being who rules the city from atop his massive fortress, watches the struggles and jockeying for power in the maze below. This maze is maintained by a herd of minotaurs who have been bent to the will of the First since before there were houses – they spend their entire lives altering the labyrinth to confuse intruders and maintain the city’s defenses.


Deeds and Danger 3: The Fourth Dawn Archon