Deeds and Danger 3: The Fourth Dawn

Adventure Log

Session 3 (11-04-2015)

Emerald Eagle,

Bureaucrats riding dragons, giant crystal monsters, and having to sleep in trees like some light-skinned fey-princess? Not exactly how I saw this job going. I of course trust your judgement in these assignments, but I do want to voice my disdain.
The first phase of the mission was a success, as we recovered the key to the Neriad Gate. The next stop is to get there.

More disdain.

The only available ship is owned by that damned dwarf Ahab Seabristle, “One Eye”. If you can recall, he’s the elf-boy crazed dwarven pirate with a penchant for the flamboyant. He is a fine captain at least, and I’m sure the Sea Bitch (not kidding) will get us to the gate with haste. Also, he seems happy to see me, and my shirt is still on, so its going better than last time I was on board. Hopefully, I don’t have to remove the other eye. At least his nickname makes sense now.

I will continue working for the mayor until instructed otherwise.

~The White Raven



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